Source code for betterboto.budgets

import types
import logging

from .utils import slurp

logger = logging.getLogger(__file__)

[docs]def describe_budgets_single_page(self, **kwargs): """ This will continue to call describe_budgets until there are no more pages left to retrieve. It will return the aggregated response in the same structure as describe_budgets does. :param self: budgets client :param kwargs: these are passed onto the describe_budgets method call :return: budgets.describe_budgets.response """ return slurp( 'describe_budgets', self.describe_budgets, 'Budgets', next_token_name_in_response='NextToken', next_token_name_in_request="NextToken", **kwargs )
def make_better(client): client.describe_budgets_single_page = types.MethodType(describe_budgets_single_page, client) return client